SOCHE Research and Education Corporation

"Changing futures through research and education."

About SREC


SREC performs and collaborates on research and education to advance southwest Ohio and beyond.


Founded in 2014 by the Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education, SREC is a for-profit, small business that recruits and employs students, faculty, and postdoctoral fellows for research and education opportunities, deepening the connections among higher education, government, and industry. SREC also serves as a collaborator that brings new research to southwest Ohio and, ultimately, brings research innovation to life.

Priorities of SREC


Identify and prioritize core research and education competencies.


Secure federal and state agreements to perform research and education.


Organize regional higher education, government and industry collaboration to elevate global, federal and state investment in research and education.


Understand market pull and connect to local research capacities and intellectual property.